Environmental Consulting Services

Professional Services


  • Project scoping & management 
  • Regulatory coordination & approvals
  • Direct push soil & contaminant profiling
  • Soil permeability testing
  • Well installation & monitoring
  • Aquifer testing (hydraulic conductivity) 
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Subsurface geophysical (GPR, ERT)
  • Treatment installation & maintenance 
  • Hazardous waste disposal
  • Remediation (extraction, injection)
  • Mitigation (capping, deed restriction)
  • Subcontractor oversight
  • Reporting & recommendations

Real Estate Due Diligence


Soil, sediment, stormwater, groundwater, indoor air, and sub-slab vapor sampling by licensed geologist.  

Certified laboratory analysis to identify regulatory exceedances.

Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I & II ESAs) as per ASTM standards to identify recognized environmental conditions, and provide CERCLA (Superfund) liability protections.

Underground Storage Tank (UST) investigations, closure, & regulatory reporting.

Site Remediation / Mitigation


Site characterization to identify lateral and vertical extents of contamination for environmental remediation.

Corrective action plans based on degree & extent of contamination, and based on existing & proposed land use.

Sampling & Analysis Plan with monitoring network design, sampling type/frequency, regulatory goals, reporting requirements, etc.

Contaminant remediation  via injection, sparging, extraction systems, excavation & appropriate off-site disposal, and capping.

Brownfield Redevelopment


To restore blighted area, for brownfields tax credits, and for Superfund liability protection.

Site eligibility determination for prospective developers & innocent land owners.

Contract negotiation & work plan coordination with state regulators.

Prepare & implement site characterization work plan, final report, and recommendations.

Public benefits: jobs, tax base increases, revitalization of blighted areas,  preservation of historic places/green spaces, affordable housing, & environmental cleanup activities.

Resource Management


Surface and groundwater resource characterization.

Well siting, design, testing (water quality, flow gauging, & downhole logging), and rehabilitation (acid wash). 

Streamflow gauging & rating curves.

Tracer testing for hydraulic continuity.

Hydrogeological conceptual model development and mass balance.

Groundwater Mounding Analyses

Additional Services


Environmental impact  reporting (NEPA)

Jurisdictional waterway permits (USACE)

Landfill Monitoring

Stormwater pollution prevention plans & compliance reporting


Spill prevention control counter measure plans

Field Mapping

Risk Assessments